a replacement for Anthony Davis

Exchange old zuopol, this first round signed and then delivered, ah, almost faded. Anyway, that’s what I said. The Lakers need a superstar to fight in time, right? Give, half the price of the team to get a clear pair, including some cuts. So, these players, young players, almost right, are used to create a new Anthony Davis, cultivate a new Anthony Davies, and dig a replacement for Anthony Davis, er, pants bar and England. Ah, it’s the player that almost all of them have to focus on. Of course, it’s impossible to know what kind of training they will be cultivated. However, the Laker fans should clearly remember that these players will grow up in the future in the next three years.
Do I have to grow up, then when they grow up, they will switch, face each other, the Lakers and domestic fans will accept, ha ha, you also have to accept that these players are representatives of young players, are some good players, ah, if there is a second brother, you will be investigated in the future and you will switch. You have to do this.

the contradiction to Owen

So we give the Celtic team, this kind of qualitative analysis is that it is difficult to get down from the tiger. It is very difficult, very difficult. It depends on the God of Angie, the general manager, to see if there is Morey. The operation is quiet. Well, again, it is he who transferred the contradiction to Owen. Can push the boat, ah, Anthony Davis, Nash God, Nah, you can contact Paul, this little guy is also a thief and a bad guy, ah, now that the old man comes out again, ah, the old man can be a dirty old man and say that we don’t want to show you the ball game. Oh, we don’t want to, right? You don’t want to cat us. Ah, we made it clear that even if you trade, we are not willing to renew our contract. We will not renew the contract with you, right? Make it clear that I will not renew the contract with you. Now, after the transaction, you can see that Owen says I will go and I want to join hands with James.
Ah, he expressed a strong interest in this matter. Owen didn’t want to continue. He asked Anthony Davis, a Celtic, to learn how to drive. You said that it was really hard to see whether they suffered. The old man said, well, why is it because of Anthony Davis that my son didn’t like it. In the MV, because you don’t have loyalty to the players, you say it’s not bullshit
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Anthony Davis can’t decide

We’ve said that, right? Wharton’s, I think it’s bad to play a few games. Under the circumstances, I feel that no matter the player. The coach can’t hold it down, the players, and the level is limited, the level is really limited. Occasionally, we can feel that Magic Johnson can be changed and should be changed through this matter. Paul George can’t make sure, Leonard can’t be sure, James is himself. Come on, Anthony Davis can’t decide. Now you say, why is this general manager coming? Ah, I don’t understand. It’s Morey. He is a professional. He does data. He is very sensitive to this kind of data. He can’t learn any good shoes.
Very careful in reckoning, as like as two peas, the abacus ball is very good, and we have talked a lot of rubbish. Oh, let’s just say that the rockets and we are the same as we predict. We all said that a month ago at least half a month ago, uh, Wright must deal with the first round of the contract to reinforce the front line. Very careful in reckoning. This is as like as two peas. The abacus is a good player. It’s a lot of nonsense. We say that the Rockets are exactly the same as we predict. We all said that a month ago at least half a month ago, Wright, this contract must be dealt with plus first round of reinforcement. This is the signal that other people do not work. Others do not see that the father is watching the hit rate. In fact, harden, who occupies the majority of the right to hand, other players will have less
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The Raptors will take advantage

Because the small family obviously does not have the small family, now is from the peak of the career has fallen to the career. At the bottom of the contract, the next contract is a little bit more than 10 million and more than 10 million. Basically, there is no value contract. You can only use these two years to connect the network. In the long run, if you sign for five years, you will have to introduce some more players to supplement the legal documents. Under the circumstances of less than 10 million and 20 million yuan, this kind of salary imbalance ah, this kind of imbalance ah, Valen xiunas, can do the work, what can Canon do, Wallen, xiunas, for Lori, pick and roll outside the three-point line, little canon, why run two rounds of physical strength is not enough, my family is so old.
188 is not too young to play. I’m pessimistic about the future, so I think the Raptors’ current treatment is a radical one, that is, to play this year, the playoffs in the future, is to use Xiaojia in this year’s playoffs and the 76ers bucks and start. Well, against all the chips, I’m going to make achievements this year. I don’t care whether Leonardo can stay or not. As long as I get good grades this year, I can talk about things later. My personal judgment is like this: so, little, home and ER, Valentinus. We should regard the contract as flat, almost flat. The other two people are garbage contract, garbage contract, ah, match the company, it doesn’t make much sense. Then, Xiao, Jiahe, xiuna, even if it’s gentle, it’s a bit gentle. The Raptors will take advantage of it for the post-season games this year, but in the long run, it will suffer. I doubt that Mengniu’s management’s intelligence quotient is that it will lose everything in the event of failure this year. I don’t want to have it in the next few years.
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Jordan template!

In this program, it has been said that, ah, the letter, Guokun film is listed as a player with a very small probability. A very small player didn’t expect that, ah, this bucks team has suddenly sprung up, played such a good record, ah, when it hits the first place in the East, it needs to avoid MVP. This spotlight is going to cover you now. Under the leadership of Deng and Keng Bo, we still have to see the record. At present, Owen and the inorganic Association seem to have no chance. Leonard probably has no chance. Ah, Leonard plays too little. This exposure is too little, and there is no strong data.
This kind of drill, ah, this kind of 40 plus 50 plus ah can’t play out. Under this situation, we can’t get the first place in the East. Basically, MVP has been gradually moving away. Now, ah, one thing can be sure is that lyonnard is a player who is not a superstar player, or is not able to get it. MVP regular season, MVP, ah, even in the Spurs, right? Can’t get it? It’s strange Popovich can’t get it now when he comes to the Raptors. He can only say that his ability is not enough. He is not super. What is a giant player? Chaoju is the championship finals. MVP, right? MVP Grand Slam player coach in regular season. If you don’t have so many copies of drama, you don’t have to copy dramas. What is plagiarism? Plagiarism is the brightest stars in the sky, right? The most, the brightest, a few stars. If you want to add the title, you can get a scoring king, right.
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Rex Rabbit plus who saw who

Celtic team ah, now is also very embarrassed this kind of experience, right? He actually many players also can.
It’s not just that I think it’s not only that I think it’s not only that I can exchange Anthony Davis with a few acquaintances’ money. It’s not so simple. It’s not enough to match the new players. So, the Celtics are more troublesome now, but the good thing is the Celtics. He didn’t say anything. It was just a rumor from the outside, right? He didn’t say that he just said you wait and wait. The other 29 teams can be said to be waiting. I’m waiting to see what you have this summer and what goods are being dug out. Right, he didn’t say I wanted to use it. Rex Rabbit plus who saw who and who saw who and who who. Come to trade. Ah, this, it says that Anji has done very well. Annie is also a boss, general manager, ha, well, Celtic team has been working for so many years. Anyway, in 2011, I saw that it was basically in Celtic team, and it has been quite good for many years. Excellent, ah, the general manager, OK is also good, ah, so, so, although the three parties have been damaged, but the Celtic team, relatively speaking, is not very obvious, right.
The servant has been the biggest hit to him. Right, er, now, the cry is even more severe. Now, the general manager, ah, and this Antony Davis contradiction has been made public. The trading chips have been seriously reduced this summer, that is, er. So, ah, well, as I said before, general manager, Dell is duty bound
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The battle for MVP is turning white hot!

Today, there are three games that attract people’s attention. They are very wonderful. We are willing to watch them. So, er, some games are watched by this, er, broadcast channel. It’s a little bit out of context, but it’s still very wonderful. The final stage of the winner’s game is to appreciate it seriously. After each game, it’s the warriors against the magic. Yes, it’s a smooth loss of the game. It’s said more recently that it may be the first place in the West. So Durant is also in rotation, ah, after-sales concerns will also take turns. But for the warriors, the overall strength is strong, so don’t get hurt. The most important thing for the Warriors is to play in the playoffs. It’s not the first in the West. In fact, it doesn’t mean much to the warriors, but the overall strength.
It determines the final ranking trend of the playoffs. Well, let’s see if it’s so long that curry and Durant still have a chance to be the best. At the beginning of the season, we said that Durant and curry are the most beautiful. It’s also possible to compete for MVP players in the regular season, because this team is so powerful, the attention will be diluted, the honor will be absorbed, right? Do you say Durant is good or care for Durant, this game did not lose the warriors, did you prove Durant’s ability. What’s more, it proves that curry’s incompetence? Ah, this game is very bad. Well, the two-point shooting rate is less than 30% of the 3-by-63-point shooting rate. It seems that five out of 17 shots are very low, and the efficiency is extremely poor.
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you can see that the 76ers

Even if the answer is not good, we have to criticize ah, but from my personal point of view, then the NBA’s fight for the position of the league’s first center, I think this is the end of no dispute. After playing the regular season of this year, we can have a fair judgment and fair statement. It’s exciting to play the playoffs. If we play dongjue, how can we say the summary? Tang Shi, as the first center in the league, can’t play the playoffs, you and your spouse. Do you deserve the title of No.1 center, right? Well, it was the same for the candidates in the exam. Xu Xian, the number one center in the diviner League, couldn’t play the playoffs. He was despised and reviled. He was embarrassed. Yes, that’s why he left the king and went to the topic again.
Warriors, ah, this is also a twists and turns, so now you can see that the 76ers are a little tired in the absence of NBA in recent games. There is no enbid team, it’s really a little bit of water, these teams really can’t fight hard, so I feel the 76ers. Ah, from the management level of the management team, we still have a better understanding of the hero. With enbid as the core of the fleet as the absolute core, Simmons will assist me. I think this matter is very correct from the current understanding, ah, in the internal line at that time. Put the center in this position
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76 men against bucks!

Today is a more important game to share with you this, um, to, er, the Bucks, ah, the absolute core of the two trump teams is only one. The others are called the core. They are all called characters, such as enbid and letters. The 40 plus 50 plus highlight performance of Kunbo’s good newspapers is better than the others. So we don’t want to say more about other nonsense. Well, we directly cut into the main topic, and the front competition did not talk about the previous things. I don’t say much about the Bucks’ Pro bradsox. It’s a stupid move. It’s more than 70 million in four years. I remember correctly. Although the contract is not very big, I think it’s short-sighted. It’s just that players like bradeso who play in the playoffs should be strongly targeted.
Is it right to be so short? It depends on the brute force and muscle of his body. I don’t think that such a player can do much. Er, the bucks are going to fight for the championship and win the championship for this team. Their eyes can’t be so short-sighted. That’s possible. I think it’s probably because. Because of the team’s good record, the boss is also more happy when the team has a good record. When the boss is more happy, this is, er, 1000. I personally feel that I am not willing to accept the bucks. This is far away.
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Hardon Thompson is on his way!

We once said that curry is one of the best three shooters in history, so Curie fans must have some criticism and ambiguity about the word query. Well, let’s make a key explanation for this. We once said, ah, Curie is an excellent player, a rare super scorer in the history of super scorer. The three-point projection is really superb, but you have to analyze it carefully. If you want to observe carefully, you really think that Curie. Ah, these three-point projections are based on the trend of the times. They have advantages, but they are not obvious. It can even be said that in some aspects, there is a posture of catching up and surpassing. Well, as we said before, harden has been able to shoot an average of 4.8 three-point in midfield this season.
As for Curry’s average of 5 3-points, what is the concept of 5-3-points? We once said that 400 plus 3 points is a very difficult record to break, but it can not be said to be an untouchable record. The future may be 10 years or even 15 years later. There will be people who touch the record, or touch or surpass, but you can see from the other three-point records in the library that there is no advantage, so one of the best three-thirds shooters in history came out. The one-way, single quarter, three-point record and playoff record are not in the hands of curry. The total number is more than 2900 of Ray Allen. Now there are more than 2400 professional wrestlers in Kuri’s single season. Today, Hadden played 2000. Thomson now has more than 1700, 1800, less than 1.00, and the age gap between them is less than one and a half years. There is a gap of one and a half years between curry and harden, and a half year between harden and Thompson, and two years between Thompson and curry. You can calculate it like this.
In a single season, let’s not say that we got more than 270 yanyalun records
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