Does the NBA intend to frustrate the confidence of potential Chinese players by not letting them play and not getting a tactical position?

First of all, does this technique exist? There’s a reason why I have to use it to play masters. Why do you think I have deliberately abandoned you? Anyway, there’s no evidence for this. Even if it’s typed out in the future, it’s also proved after it’s typed out. Before it’s typed out, people will deliberately dismiss you. Of course, this paragraph is a bit like conspiracy theory, but it can be done easily. It’s better than Mingming that you are good at ending. He doesn’t arrange you to play and organize you. Mingming’s outside personal skills are good. He’s good It’s too easy for you to lose a player in the basketball. For example, there was a Spanoulis, the reputation of European Kobe Bryant, who came to the rockets and returned to the European league with Yao Ming teammate one year later. It took several years for a reporter to interview him. How was he doing in the Rockets in those years? You said that he was not active. There’s no evidence.

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What does “pitcher’s bench depth” mean in baseball?

A baseball game, nine innings and a powerful pitcher are all difficult to play a complete nine innings game, because to maintain the ball speed and change requires a long time with physical strength and energy to maintain the peak, which is difficult to achieve, especially some pitchers’ pitches are achieved by the unreasonable use of their bodies to achieve the effect of various ball paths, which brings extra pressure to their bodies. There is a limit to the number of pitchers who can keep their pitches stable (the specific number has not been checked), so more pitcher substitutes are needed, that is, the so-called backup pitchers. The deep bench means that the strength of backup pitchers and backup pitchers is strong, and they may even be equal to or even exceed the starters, so the opponent’s playing line is facing great pressure.

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Why does the baseball game take the initiative to send the batter to base?

It’s called Jing Yuan, a strategy of tactical evasion. For example, you are a pitcher. You’re facing a situation where there’s someone on first and second base, the opponent’s hitter is the strongest, four. Now your choice is as follows:

1. Fight hard. But because you’re dealing with the other team’s best four, it’s likely that he’s on base, causing a full base, or scoring a little faster. To make matters worse, the man hit home run and cleared the bases.

2. Four bad walks, four sticks, and treat the fifth stick wholeheartedly. The fifth is generally easier to deal with than the fourth, and with tactics, the fifth is more confident. However, this strategy is not suitable for all the time. In theory, it seems that you can always respect a hitter, but the pitcher will be hissed. Because it proves that pitchers don’t have their own seed and dare not face each other. This seems to have happened once in Japan. I didn’t watch the game, but Jingyuan is basically tactical.

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What do you think about MLB?

First of all, MLB is the abbreviation of Major League of American professional baseball. It’s also a company. Its nature is similar to the brand of NBA MLB. There are three brands, Korean MLB, Chinese MLB (leisure and fashion brand) and Chinese MLB (home clothes and pajamas brand). They have a little understanding, but they don’t know very well. They are authorized or imitated by MLB company. Some of them seem to be related to baseball, but they are not professional Clothes, hats. MLB League of America, the clothes of players are majestic brand, and the hat is new at present Era (New Yihua) seems to have authorized and used the MLB brand that Nike asked the subject before. I said that many stores have MLB stores. This brand is made by local clothing companies in China. It should have been authorized by MLB League, but it is totally different from the clothes and hats of MLB league games. Besides, it’s not a fashion brand. It’s not a design. It’s all kinds of clothes. It’s a magic. It’s a new era. It’s not a fashion brand. Copy the cards.

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How to evaluate the 2018 MLB World Series: Boston Red Sox vs. Los Angeles dodge in the 18th extended inning?

Stakeholders: I am a Red Sox fan in Boston area. This is an epic game without losing. I sat from 8:05 until 3:30 in the morning. At the end of the game, I was in a trance Did I really watch a world series just now? The game set many records: the game with the most pitchers of the two teams (18 pitchers) the game with the most pitchers of the two teams (46 players) the maximum number of strikeouts (34 players) a total of 518 pitches (543 pitches of g1g2) and: the world competition with the longest time (7 hours and 20 minutes) said back to G3, the two teams kept the score at 1-1 through two home runs in the regular game time Li absolute’s MVP is the pitcher Buehler of dodge team today. He was only hit 2 hits in 7 innings today, and sent out 7K without a guarantee. With his excellent performance, the Red Sox with a good feeling has been limited to play line recently.

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More than 400000 cases have been confirmed in the world, the UK will build “shelter hospital”, the French “travel restriction” or extended to 6 weeks

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed by the latest data released by the Johns Hopkins University of America on 24 May, at 13:30 am 24, Beijing time 25 1:30, the number of confirmed cases of global new crown pneumonia exceeds 400 thousand cases, reaching 407485 cases. There were 18227 deaths worldwide.

Data show that in addition to China, countries with more than 10000 confirmed cases are Italy, the United States, Spain, Germany, Iran and France. The epidemic has spread to more than 160 countries and regions around the world.

Who: novel coronavirus pneumonia in the United States is likely to become the epicenter of the world.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia Margaret Harris said 24 days ago, 85% of new crown pneumonia cases in the past 24 hours came from Europe and the United States. The confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in the United States increased rapidly, and it is possible to become the “epicenter” of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in the world.

More than 50000 confirmed cases in the United States add more than 10000 cases the next day in a row

According to Johns Hopkins University data, as of 17:40 Eastern time on the 24th, 53268 new crown cases and 696 deaths were confirmed in the United States, and more than 10000 new cases were added the next day in a row. At present, 56% of the confirmed cases and 60% of the new cases in the United States come from the metropolitan area of New York, Bix, a member of the White House response team, said Thursday.

Trump: it is expected to lift the epidemic restriction order in early April

At noon on the 24th local time, President trump said in an interview with Fox News television that he was considering relaxing the control measures for the epidemic and hoped that the United States would be “open” before the middle of April.

On the same day, Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, expressed strong opposition to trump’s proposal to “open” the United States and resume business activities as soon as possible. After novel coronavirus pneumonia, Pelosi said, the economy will recover naturally.

Does a pitcher’s finger length have an effect on the speed or rotation of the ball, and the variety of balls that can be thrown?

The length of fingers certainly has an effect on the ball speed, but I don’t think the effect is significant. The two most important factors affecting the ball speed are strength (including the explosive force of lower limbs) and pitching mechanism (i.e. how to make force). Obviously, the length of the fingers affects the speed of the somatosensory ball. Although the distance from the pitching board to home base must be 18.39 meters, there are still two places in the actual match that can be flexibly changed. First of all, the hitter can choose to stand at the last edge of the strike zone as much as possible to leave himself a little more reaction time. In this respect, the beaters have different powers, but what impresses me most is the operation of Justin Turner

Almost every time he strikes, Turner “manages” to keep his axis foot outside the rear edge of the strike zone. This is where the hitter can react randomly and flexibly in the game. In contrast, pitchers can also increase their sense of speed by changing their release points. Even against a smart hitter like Justin Turner, you can still play against him by extending your release point as far forward as possible to increase your sense of speed and tail strength. So theoretically, although the difference of pitcher’s finger length is relatively small, there is still a difference, which can be considered as one of the factors that will affect the release point and ball speed. As mentioned above, the pitcher’s finger length should be considered together with his arm span and body shape, so as to see some data results more intuitively and get relatively accurate inferences. According to the data of baseballprospectus, in the past 12 years, among the top 29 pitchers with more than 3000 four seam pitches and the fastest average ball speed (including SP and RP, the average speed of four seam pitches is more than 96 m), nearly 30% of the pitchers are lower than the average height of 6-foot-2-inch pitchers in the major league, a total of 8.

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Can you explain what this data board means?

  1. Paxton’s 2019 regular season is six defeats, not five. (so I always think it’s wrong) 2. Paxton’s self accusation score in 2019 regular season is indeed 64 points. If the word “about” is removed, the detailed data about Paxton can be viewed on his personal homepage page of MLB. 3. K / BB is the ratio of three vibrations to four failures. Last night, I thought about it and decided to change the original description. The higher the ratio, the better the pitcher is at dealing with the opponent with three strikes. That should be the reflection of K / 9. Three strikes and four breaks are more important than pitcher’s ability to control the ball.

(1) Starts: the number of starts, which is used to measure the number of starts of the Pitcher (SP). Generally speaking, during the regular season, the team will arrange five people to start the rotation. In 162 regular season games, an average pitcher needs about 30 starts. But in fact, in view of the continuous multi day operations that may occur in the competition schedule, coaches usually arrange bullpen days (all backup pitchers come on stage) in occasional days to reduce the burden of starters. Therefore, as long as the starter can maintain more than 25 starts, it means that he has gained the trust of the coaching staff and his health is basically healthy.

(2) Record: the game. On the surface, record means record, but in this case, it refers to the pitcher’s winning and losing games. This term doesn’t include starter pitcher and backup pitcher. Paxton’s current record is 15 wins and 5 losses. Maybe the subject owner doesn’t understand what winning throw and losing throw are. Let me explain again. A pitcher’s record is made up of three parts, winning, losing and irrelevant. Irrelevant wins and losses will not be directly displayed on the basic data, but it is very good to calculate. Irrelevant win / loss = match times – winning vote – losing vote.

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Did Ritchie Davis really say that the Knights chose James to help him?

“I thought the team chose LeBron James to help me.” The popularity of this quote has long been the unspoken reason for every basketball fan’s heart. It has become a joke made by the fans after every old player who can’t figure out his position has been cleaned by the team. Look, another rich Davis.

In 2010, Ritchie Davis was cut by the Clippers for violating the NBA’s drug prohibition policy, dragging his injured knee, and then disappeared on the NBA court, which made the irony of the original quote even worse.

Some words have been circulating for more than ten years. Who would like to know the context and situation of the saying at that time? When James joined the Cavaliers, his teammates didn’t believe him that much.

James recently shared a video on INS. It was his teammates in the 2002-03 season, big Z ilgskas, rich Davis, Boozer and miles, who talked about James’s opinions when he was about to join the Cavaliers.

Myers said he didn’t think the team would expect him to change a team if they chose a high school student, but if he came, “then he could jump on our floats. “

Bryant’s former teammate, Smush Parker, who was with the Cavaliers at the time, said: “he’ll have the same impact when he joins the team, just like carlon Butler at the heat.”

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Training Yao Ming for the next baseball

In February last year, MLB Milwaukee Brewers announced the signing of three 18-year-old Chinese players, Zhao Lun, Yi Jian and Kou Yongkang, to become the major league team with the largest number of Chinese players.

All three were born in 2001. Zhao Lun and Yi Jian are pitchers and Kou Yongkang are infield players. Zhao Lun is 178 cm tall. He first came into contact with baseball in sixth grade. At the age of 17, the fastest ball speed is 152 km.

In fact, this is also the third batch of Chinese seedlings sent to MLB minor league after the establishment of MLB baseball development center in 2009, and a total of 7 players participated in minor league spring training, which also set a new record for Chinese players to travel to the United States.

From the beginning of contact with baseball to becoming the lucky one signing MLB team, some of these Chinese players study in the club, some come from ordinary primary schools, and then enter the baseball development center set up by MLB in China through selection.