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Field Hockey Custom Logos

Field hockey, or simply hockey, is a team sport of the hockey family. The game can be played on a grass field or a turf field. The game of field hockey is played between two teams of eleven players including the goalie. Short sticks made out of wood or fiber glass are used to hit a round, hard, rubber like ball. There are no left hand sticks in field hockey, and only one side of the stick is allowed to be used. The uniform consist of shin-guards, cleats, skirts or shorts, and a jersey.

At the turn of the 21st century, the game is played globally, with particular popularity throughout western Europe, the Indian subcontinent, and Australasia. Hockey is the national sport of Pakistan, and is sometimes assumed to be India's national sport as well, although officially India does not have a national sport. The term "field hockey" is used primarily in Canada, the United States, Eastern Europe and other regions of the world where the sport of ice hockey is more popular.

Want to make your own field hockey logo and iron logo on clothes? You can totally do it, tell logos below, name and number you want to, you will receive individual or team logos with your own or team's name and number on soon, all you need to do is to transfer these iron-on logo design on clothes for a few minutes with a household iron or heat press.
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